Case Studies

  • Supply Chain Optimization: Choosing the Right Location for Warehouses
    Eldorado Company, a huge electronics retailer in Russia, with stores in 350 cities, needed to determine the optimal number of warehouses, and where they should be situated, in order to better fulfill customer demand and minimize delivery and storage expenses. The analysis showed that the problem could be solved with introduction of the anyLogistix supply chain optimization system. Input data provided by the customer described potential warehousing points: rent cost, investments for building new or modernizing old warehouses, average level and cost of storage, overall costs for staffing and security, etc.
  • Optimal Decision Making in Logistics
    One of the largest beer manufacturers in Eastern Europe faced a logistical challenge most manufacturing company’s face, high transportation costs. The company’s plan was to decrease distribution and transportation costs from the plant to suppliers and ultimately lower costs for their customers.