Case Studies

  • Rail Yard Capacity Modeling
    Aurizon is an Australia’s largest rail freight operator, managing more than 700 locomotives and more than 16,000 wagons. Aurizon is widely engaged in coal, iron ore, and mineral transportation. In order to increase operational efficiency the company decided to move one of their rail yards to other town. This rail yard was mainly engaged in wagon and locomotive maintenance and locomotive preparation.
  • CSX Solves Railroad Operation Challenges with and without AnyLogic Rail Library
    CSX is a US railroad company that operates about 21,000 route miles (34,000 km). AnyLogic allows the railroad industry users to simulate line-of-road, terminal, and yard problems. The following three projects, completed by CSX in 2014, covered a variety of tasks that were solved using AnyLogic software.
  • Internal Rail Logistics Simulation for the Port of Le Havre
    The port of Le Havre, France, needed support for construction of new multimodal terminal. The issue that required simulation was supporting containers transfer between rail trains/river barges and other existing terminals, which transferred these containers to and from sea transport.
  • Optimizing French Railways
    The operator of the railway network of the country wanted to know if rail cargo transportation could compete with auto truck transportation. They wanted to make truck-rail-truck transportation more effective.