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Modeler’s Tips: Unreproducible Run Results 13.10.2015 Pavel Lebedev

We at the AnyLogic Support Team very often get asked by the users: what to do if I can not reproduce model results? That is why I decided to share the list of the most common sources of randomness in the model. So, if you run the model with the Fixed seed of random number generator, but the results are not reproducible, please check your model according to the list below. For all experiments: [...]

Learning conceptualization; Simple warehouse unloading model. 27.08.2015 Stepan Egorov

This short tutorial shows how to build a simulation model based on a real-world problem description, using an example of a simple warehouse unloading process model. Also, it teaches to set animation and choose what-if scenarios to test. The AnyLogic User Support Team created the tutorial. The model simulates the arrival of trucks with two types of cartons to a warehouse. Workers unload the cartons, which then move on conveyors to the pallet stacking zone. After palletizing, the goods are moved by forklift trucks to the storage zone. Download the tutorial and accompanying material via our website. [...]

GIS Alternatives for AnyLogic 20.01.2014 Anatoly Zherebtsov

Hello Everyone! At The AnyLogic Conference 2013 I announced results of my recent research regarding GIS alternatives for AnyLogic and would like to share my experience. Using open source projects, a small amount of Java code and publicly available GIS data services, I was able to: - Display Tile map on model presentation with pan and zoom. Downloaded tiles are cached in model folder. - Switch different tile sources in runtime. - Display animation of agents living in GIS space shown on top of map. - Perform geocoding/reverse geocoding by parsing http query response. - Get routing data by parsing http query response.[...]