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The last (and the biggest) chapter of “The Big Book” available online 10.09.2013 Andrei Borshchev

In the chapter "Agent based modeling. Technology overview", we present an overview of the technologies and techniques used in agent based modeling. Agent based models are very diverse in architecture, behavior types, number of agents, space types and so on. Other modeling methods (discrete event and system dynamics) are often used inside and outside agents. Although there is no special or standard language for agent based modeling, there are “design patterns” that are common to many agent based models. The chapter includes example models described in the step-by-step manner: Air Defense System, Wildfire (featuring combined discrete-continuous space), and also some discrete space classics: Schelling Segregation and Conway’s Game of Life.

AnyLogic 6 in Three Days book Kindle edition is released 05.04.2013 Stepan Egorov

The book, AnyLogic 6 in Three Days: A Quick Course in Simulation Modeling, is now available as an eBook for Kindle! Now you can explore AnyLogic using your eReader, iPad, iPhone, Android, or any other gadget that supports this format.

"Multimethod Modeling" - a new chapter of "The Big Book of AnyLogic" is out 07.02.2013 Andrei Borshchev

Some citations: "Frequently, the problem cannot completely conform to one modeling paradigm. Using a traditional single-method tool, the modeler inevitably either starts using workarounds (unnatural and cumbersome language constructs), or just leaves part of the problem outside the scope of the model (treats it as exogenous). If our goal is to capture business, economic, and social systems in their interaction, this becomes a serious limitation."

“System dynamics and Dynamic systems" is the just published chapter in a forthcoming “The Big Book of AnyLogic” 15.10.2012 Irina Pavlova

In addition to the traditional System dynamics toolset, AnyLogic offers several important extensions. The first part of the new chapter, which is already available on the website, explains the techniques and specialties of building system dynamic models in AnyLogic environment.

Big Book of AnyLogic has a new chapter 10.08.2012 Irina Pavlova

The Big Book of AnyLogic has been recently updated! The chapter "How to build agent based models. Field service example" considers the design process of an agent based model at a very detailed level; from conceptual design to animation and optimization experiments.