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A modern alternative to simulation discovered? 09.10.2013 Stepan Egorov

To continue on the topic of pedestrian modeling: recently, I heard the news that the new terminal being built in the St. Petersburg airport will be tested using a free labor force, or in other words, volunteers. Actually, the volunteers will test the terminal’s operations and on-ground facilities by acting like passengers. It was interesting to find that the London Heathrow and Dubai airports are using this practice right now too. Here in St. Pete, they gathered more than 5,000 volunteers, to come to the terminal and walk around, jostle to check-in desks, race up the down-moving escalators, get bored in queues to passport controls, etc. I suspect that the volunteers will be watched by engineers, who will be counting the number of injuries per minute. That’s how airport authorities are going to see if everything is OK with the terminal.

AnyLogic North America Attends ACI-NA 03.10.2013 John Yedinak

Last week AnyLogic North America attended the 2013 airport industry’s premier annual event, the ACI-NA Annual Conference & Exhibition in San Jose, California. This event has been recognized to offer unparalleled education and networking opportunities for the leadership of North America’s airports. The focus of the event was to demonstrate the latest trends in technology and operations management, insight into best practices for safety and security, and giving attendees opportunities to create new relationships with leading industry vendors. PERFECT fit for AnyLogic!

AnyLogic 7 Alpha Version Released 14.08.2013 Stepan Egorov

This alpha version is not intended as an official release and will not be distributed publicly. However, AnyLogic users will get an opportunity to get a glimpse of it at any of the upcoming events the AnyLogic Company is going to take part in. For example, the first unofficial presentation will be made at the Agent-Based Modeling Bootcamp for Health Researchers on August 19-24, in Saskatoon, Canada. You are also welcome to reach us at other events to see the alpha version! The final official release of AnyLogic 7 will be available in winter 2013. Stay tuned!

AnyLogic Europe Visits Leading Airport Terminal Event 30.04.2013 Stepan Egorov

Planning a huge airport terminal is a task that requires simulation modeling to complete the project successfully. A forum where airport planners gather is the ideal place to demonstrate the powerful alliance of the three simulation methods of AnyLogic software in action. The 2013 Passenger Terminal Expo, the leading airport passenger terminal exhibition, took place in Geneva from April 9-11. This year’s exposition was recognized as the most successful one in its 19 year history. The event united more than 180 exhibitors with more than 3500 professionals. The visitors included company CEOs, architects, airport engineers, airline representatives, and many other professionals connected to the airport industry.