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AnyLogic for Supply Chain Management Textbook, FREE 26.02.2016 Rene Reiter

Seeking educational opportunities to enhance your work with AnyLogic? Pleased to announce an extremely valuable textbook, recently released. Operations and Supply Chain Management with AnyLogic 7.2 by Dr. Dmitry Ivanov, Professor of Supply Chain Management at the Berlin School of Economics and Law is available now in digital format for FREE. Dr. Ivanov has authored and contributed to dozens of current textbooks and is known for his expertise in logistics and supply chain optimization, supply chain design and risk management, supply chain scheduling, mathematical optimization and control theory, production management, and ERP and APS systems. The focus of the textbook is to introduce MBA and M.Sc. Students into the basic principles of using simulation for decision-making, however, is also ideal for all AnyLogic users and self-teachers.

AnyLogic Featured in Rail Application Text Book 05.02.2016 Rene Reiter

The Handbook of Operations Research Applications at Railroads (International Series in Operations Research & Management Science) is the first book to offer a complete spectrum of the role that operations research has played and can play in the improvement of North American freight railroads. It explores how decisions are made at railroads, contains examples of the mathematical programming formulations to the complex problems, and provides insights into real-world applications. AnyLogic is featured in two chapters: Simulation of Line of Road Operations and Terminal Simulation written by Roger Baugher, who has worked to apply Operations Research tools to railroads for over 40 years as both a railroad employee and consultant (B. Patty, Preface). Roger was instrumental in the development of Algorithmic Blocking and Classification (ABC) while at Norfolk Southern, was the first recipient of the Railroad Applications Special Interest Group (RASIG) Award for his contributions to OR in the railroad industry and is a Franz Edelman Laureate. In addition to Norfolk Southern, Roger Baugher applied his understanding of network optimization approaches to various forms of the transportation organizations, such as BNSF, American Airlines, Pacer Stacktrain, Conrail where he played an integral part in developing the Conrail Network Analysis Model (CNAM)