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Dr. J. Eric Dietz Using AnyLogic for Purdue Homeland Security Institute Projects 17.05.2016 Rene Reiter

It is my pleasure to introduce Dr. J. Eric Dietz Director of Purdue Homeland Security Institute (PHSI) and share with you the programs he has driven to success, as he is a long-time user and advocate of AnyLogic and agent-based modeling. Since retiring as Lieutenant Colonel from the U.S. Army in 2004, Dr. Dietz’s list of accomplishments is overwhelming in the fields of homeland security, public safety, risk management, critical infrastructure protection, and emergency planning for both Purdue University and the Indiana Department of Homeland Security.

Dynamic Risk Assessment and Emergency Planning through Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Rail 04.08.2015 Rene Reiter

Transportation of hazardous materials, notably crude oil by rail are increasing in Canada and the USA. Due to the July 2013 Lac Megantic Train Derailment Disaster and increased concerns raised by municipalities across the country, Canadian Government issued a “protective direction” that requires railway companies to share dangerous goods data with municipalities and first responders. Ali Asgary, Associate Professor, Disaster & Emergency Management at York University in Toronto, Canada is an expert in disaster, emergency, and business continuity management. His extensive research and effective teaching are enhanced by his active contributions to the profession and by translating them into real world practices at different levels. Dr. Asgary selected AnyLogic due to it’s multimethod, agent based and GIS capabilities to analyze and address the situation.