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Road Map and New Product Development Videos 23.02.2016 Rene Reiter

This year’s AnyLogic Conference allowed us to capture Andrei Borshchev, CEO, Nikolay Churkov, Head of Development, and Timofey Popkov, Director of Business Development providing an overview of new features and what to expect from AnyLogic’s near future. Now, these video presentations are available for your review on our YouTube channel. The videos cover Built-in Database, Fluid Library, Pedestrian Library and GIS improvements, Road Traffic Library and anyLogistix, our newest product powered by AnyLogic but specific to the supply chain and logistics application area.

What’s new in AnyLogic? Benefits of the built-in database. 18.11.2015 Gregory Monakhov

Hi, everyone! You must have noticed that in the latest version of AnyLogic, AnyLogic 7.2, all models obtained a new object at the project tree — the Database object. What does this mean for developers? The built-in database feature helps to build the models that require a certain amount of external data for initialization and work. There are four primary benefits: 1. It removes extra connectivity layer between Excel/external DB and model. The database is now available in all editions, including free AnyLogic Personal Learning Edition. [...]

Webinar Demonstrating AnyLogic 7.2 New Features 06.10.2015 Rene Reiter

During the webinar, we will build a logistics model and show the unique capabilities of AnyLogic 7.2. The model will include mining, rail, and sea transportation. We will use agent-based modeling technology; the agents will be created and parameterized directly from the built-in AnyLogic database. o demonstrate AnyLogic’s extensibility, the webinar will focus on these key new features:

AnyLogic 7.2 Released! 30.07.2015 Rene Reiter

We are proud to announce the official release of AnyLogic 7.2. Building on the capabilities and user-friendly features of the innovative AnyLogic 7, version 7.2 proves to answer the requests of the AnyLogic users community. Enjoy! What’s new in AnyLogic 7.2? Built-in database for each model • Easy data import from any other database, including MS Access, MS Excel, and more. • Model execution logs are now automatically collected in the database. • Models can read parameter values from the built-in database.