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How-To Video: Creating Cars of Different Colors 06.09.2016 Rene Reiter

Building on AnyLogic’s educational resources, I am happy to share the “Creating Cars of Different Colors” video, just one in a long-line of how-to videos geared toward simplifying AnyLogic’s vast number of features and functions. In this video, you will learn how to create cars of different colors in the road traffic library, using an example model available in your AnyLogic software. [...]

Fluid Library Orientation Part 4 - Advanced Features and Hints 23.08.2016 Gregory Monakhov

Previous posts on Fluid Library proved that it is a useful tool for modeling objects, containing liquids and friable materials. Today I will tell you about advanced features of the library and I hope they will help you explore AnyLogic and improve your skills. Enjoy reading!

How to Set Up Intuitive Model Navigation in AnyLogic 16.03.2016 Rene Reiter

The data that goes in, the art of model building and the results you receive are of course crucial aspects of your model. However, more often than not, the person building the model will not be the one utilizing it long-term. Presenting your model to stakeholders requires your model to be easily understandable and simple to navigate for the simulation and modeling novice. Ben Schumann, Senior Modeler at DecisionLab, an AnyLogic authorized Distributor in the UK, has shared some quick tips on “How to Set Up Intuitive Model Navigation in AnyLogic.”

WinterSim 2015 Follow-up 17.12.2015 Rene Reiter

The Winter Simulation Conference (WSC) is the premier international forum for disseminating recent advances in the field of system simulation. AnyLogic has been a staple at WSC since the year 2000 and due to our community of users and remain the only multi-method modeling and truly agent-based commercial simulation and modeling software. Thank you for making AnyLogic #1. AnyLogic’s presence at WinterSim was robust as usual spanning from vendor workshops, case study tracks, academic presentations, and networking events.

AnyLogic 7.1 Demo Featuring GIS 31.03.2015 Rene Reiter

Tom Baggio, Sr. Solutions Architect at AnyLogic North America guides you through model building demonstrations that showcase some of our newest features, including the innovative GIS capabilities. The implementation of GIS gives you access to all data stored along with online-based map providers (i.e. Open Street Map): cities, regions, road networks, objects (hospitals, schools, bus stops, etc.). Video demonstration segments include building a route between two cities with trucks moving along the map, looking for a destination based on the shortest route, regional perspective of GIS capabilities, a supply chain demo, and an overview of general user improvements.