About The AnyLogic Company

The AnyLogic Company is a leading provider of dynamic simulation tools, technologies and consulting services for business applications. The AnyLogic Company designs, develops and markets AnyLogic - the first and only tool that brings together System Dynamics, Process-centric (Discrete Event), and Agent Based methods within one modeling language and one model development environment. The language of AnyLogic has unmatched flexibility and enables the modeler to capture the complexity and heterogeneity of business, economy and social systems at any desirable level of details to gain deeper insight into interdependent processes going on inside and around the organization.

AnyLogic was first shown at Winter Simulation Conference in year 2000. The AnyLogic Company operates worldwide and has offices in North America (Chicago, USA), Europe (Paris, France), and Russia (St. Petersburg). Together with our established network of our distributors worldwide AnyLogic will continue to deliver great support, great consulting, and the most powerful and flexible tool in your kit.

AnyLogic is the choice of thousands users worldwide, hundreds of commercial and governmental organizations and hundreds of universities. The AnyLogic user community is constantly growing both because of migration from other tools and because AnyLogic makes simulation modeling applicable in new areas. AnyLogic has become a corporate standard for simulation in many global companies.

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